Commercial Property & Liability

Commercial property insurance is a vital component in the protection of your business. RJ Langman will work with you to arrange an insurance package for your commercial property on an “All Risks” basis, subject to certain standard exclusions. The basic cover can be extended to include:
 Loss of Rent
 Business Interruption
 Property Liability
 Employers Liability
 Money
 Terrorism
 Subsidence

If you are the occupying tenant of such a building, you will have a similar need to protect your business following loss or damage to the building or your contents. RJ Langman will also arrange a similar “All Risks” cover for your contents and to protect your public liability, as well as your liability for damage to the occupied building.

New insurers will require basic underwriting information to be provided before issuing a quote. If they obtain a firm order from you, they will most likely require access to your premises, normally within 60 days to carry out an inspection to confirm your house-keeping and fire protections arrangements are satisfactory. This inspection is of great assistance to you and may well lead to enhanced protections being put in place. It should be recognised that should a claim occur, no amount of insurance compensation will be adequate to protect your customers from major delays in your supply of goods or services.

For more information on Commercial Property Insurance, contact RJ Langman today on 020 7538 0959 and speak to Roger Wisdom or David Burley. Or simply send us an email.