The insurance of plant can be split into various categories:
• Statutory Inspection
Engineering insurers provide a service to inspect plant and equipment to comply with Statutory requirements.

• Sudden and Unforeseen Damage
Items of plant can be covered on an item by item Schedule or on a blanket basis. Cover includes breakdown and accidental damage.

• Computer
Covers “All Risks” on computers and ancillary equipment. Policy can be extended to cover loss of data & increased cost of work. Portable equipment can also be covered.

• Hired In Plant
Covers a hirer’s legal liability under contract (generally CPA Conditions ) to pay for loss or damage to hired in plant such as cranes and excavators etc. Policy can be extended to include continuing hire charges.

• All Risks
Covers your own plant and equipment such as cranes and excavators, fork trucks, whether for “own use” or whether hired out to third parties.

• Deterioration of stock
Covers deterioration of stock in a cold room due to fall in temperature following a material damage loss.

• Loss of Profits
A policy to cover loss of profits for a business following an identifiable claim under a Sudden & Unforeseen Damage policy (a policy can cover Loss of Revenue if that is more appropriate to a clients business activities).

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