Health Insurance

Most companies spend a great deal of time and money arranging the appropriate insurances for their physical assets and their liabilities. With many companies, their largest asset is their skilled work force.

Too often management or staff efficiency can be marred by poor health and the need to wait for the appropriate treatment under the NHS system. Private Health Insurance can ensure that your staff and their families obtain the right treatment, at the right time, and at the right place. This will ensure that they are able to resume their normal duties at the earliest opportunity.

Various levels of cover and deductible (excess) can be arranged to suit the budget of the company involved. The main advantages of Private Health cover are:

• High quality care at your convenience.
• Choice of hospitals and specialists.
• Modern facilities.
• No waiting lists.
• Private rooms.
• Unrestricted visiting hours.
• Worldwide cover available for employees overseas.

Personal Accident and Sickness Cover

As a separate or complimentary form of cover, loss of salary or income can be insured following an accident or sickness. This can be used to protect an individual’s loss of income, or the company balance sheet.

For more information on Group Healthcare Insurance, contact Roger Wisdom or Roy Langman today on 020 7538 0959. Alternatively, you can send an email enquiry.