In today’s litigation conscious world no commercial enterprise can operate without Liability Insurance. This comes in many guises and for most companies will include the majority of the following exposures:

• Public Liability
Covers your legal liability for injury or damage to third party persons and property. It includes legal costs and expenses spent in your defence arising from the operation of your business.

• Products Liability
Your legal liability arising from the sale of goods manufactured or sold by your company.

• Employers Liability
Your legal liability for injury or disease suffered by your employees or labour-only subcontractors whilst employed by you.

• Property Owner’s Liability
Your legal liability as owners of property rented out to third parties.

• Tenant’s Liability
Your legal liability as an occupier of any rented property arising out of your occupation.

• Pollution Liability

• Professional Indemnity

• Directors & Officers Liability

There are many other types of specialist liabilities, particularly within the construction and building industry. For more information on Liability Insurance, contact Roger Wisdom or David Burley at RJ Langman on 020 7538 0959.

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