Marine Insurance

Marine Transit Insurance

Manufacturers, sellers, buyers, or agents, may each be responsible for insuring goods in transit, depending on the negotiated contract conditions. Marine Transit Insurance Cover is generally arranged on an “All Risks” basis and includes storage risks. It is subject to various standard exclusions.

It is the insurance broker’s role to arrange as wide a form of automatic cover as possible. This will cater for the vast majority of sendings, without individual declarations being required.

The Insurer’s premium calculations will be arrived at after taking into account various factors such as main routes, past loss record, packaging/containerisation and the quality of shipping agents and shipping lines utilised.

Marine Hull Insurance

Hull insurance can be provided for all types of vessels from commercial craft and ferries, to coasters and fishing vessels. Policies cover hull and machinery against named marine perils. Cover is available for single vessels or whole fleets with rating dependant on such features as the age and class of vessels, past loss record, routes utilised and crew experience.

Marine Liabilities

Cover is also available for liabilities arising from the use of such vessels, as well as liabilities arising from marine operations such as port managers, ship repairers and ship charterers.

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