Political Risk Kidnap Insurance

Political Risks Insurance

This type of cover can be provided to protect trade & investment in emerging markets and can take many forms. Such covers would be of interest to Manufacturers, Contractors, Exporters, Traders, Investors, Banks and other Financial Institutions and can include:

A) Covers tailor made to protect Fixed Assets in overseas territories- to insure the inward investors, from Confiscation, Nationalisation Expropriation & Deprivations of those assets by the host government. Such assets may be physical assets situated in the host country or alternatively equity participation in a company operating in the host country.

B) Mobile assets such as Plant/Equipment/Aircraft leased to a company registered in the host country which are prevented from being returned to the Lessor due to the actions of the host government such as cancelling the export licence originally provided at the commencement of the lease.

C) Non-Payment Insurance in respect of both import & export contracts with emerging markets

D) Pre-Shipment/Manufacturing risk insurance.

E) Non-Delivery Insurance

F) Unfair Calling of Bonds in relation to contracts.

G) Political Violence/Terrorism cover in respect of Physical Damage of assets & Loss of Profits resulting from such acts.

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Cover available for companies whose employees may be exposed to the threat of Kidnap whilst acting on behalf of their companies anywhere in the World.

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