Reinsurance & Wholesale


For over 30 years R J Langman has provided the Worldwide Insurance Market with both facultative and treaty reinsurance facilities to provide additional capacity for both one off “difficult” risks, as well as whole account treaty protections to increase net capacity.

Facultative Cover

When a local insurer is obliged to accept a large or difficult risk, it may well require facultative reinsurance to reduce their share of the risk and balance its portfolio. Such protections can be sought on a Pro Rata or on an Excess Loss basis, depending on the Market’s appetite for such business and the cost involved.

Treaty Protection

On the other hand, the vast majority of insurers around the World require reinsurance protections to protect their whole account against either frequency losses, or from catastrophic events which could destroy their satisfactory loss ratios.

Langmans have brought reinsurance business to the London and European Markets from most corners of the Globe including Europe, USA, India, Middle East and Australasia. For more information, contact David Burley or Roy Langman on 020 7538 0959.

Wholesale Broking

A good proportion of Langman’s business is provided by retail brokers who do not have direct access to sophisticated insurers in London. Through direct contacts in the London Market, RJ Langman is able to handle hazardous or complicated classes of business which are out of reach of a local broker. RJ Langman provides local brokers with access to the entire marketplace and gives them confidence that they have obtained the best quotes for their clients.

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for Reinsurance: David Burley at R J Langman on 020 7538 0959.
for Wholesale Broking: Roger Wisdom at R J Langman on 020 7538 0959